Best place to visit in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan: The Jaisalmer Fort

Best place to visit in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan: The Jaisalmer Fort

Have you ever been to Rajasthan? Traveled to Jaisalmer? No? Oh! You might be in for treat here. Read about the mighty Jaisalmer fort aka Golden Fort aka Sonar Qila as locals call it. It is the best places in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan to lookout for! Keep reading.

If you are reading this article then you must be planning to visit Jaisalmer or it might be on your checklist of Rajasthan.

It’s a treat, I am telling you.

The desert, the local cuisine, the colorful outfits and a sense of belonging. This is the essence of Rajasthan.

Since long, Rajasthan has been famous for its Desert known as Thar desert and marvelous forts of famous kings who once used to live here.

entrance of jaisalmer fort, golden fort, rajasthan,
“531-India-Jaisalmer” by Miss Sunalee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

When I first visited Rajasthan, my first destination was Jaisalmer. It was with my family and I was too young to analyse what a beauty the city was.

When you go here, I advice you to see every nook and corner of the city.

I still remember the famous “dal bhati churma” I had never experienced any thing like this dish.

The moment you enter the city you can feel the amicable enviroment of the place.

People are too nice to ignore and they welcome you with open arms in their home.

You might be getting picture of a rural area when you think of going to Rajasthan but it is far from just rural.

This state is travel hub and Jaisalmer is just one of the many crown jewel.

Jaisalmer City

street of jaisalmer fort,
“577-India-Jaisalmer” by Miss Sunalee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Let me put the word to the beauty of this city. (Though you will see why it is almost impractical to define its beauty)

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is drapped in golden yellow and with the sun rays, falling on the forts and deserts during sunrise and sunset, this places is treat.

Founded in the 12th century by Bhati ruler, Rawal Jaisal, the city of Jaisalmer is named after him.

You can also call it The Golden City as it is called in India because of the yellow colored forts made of yellow sandstones and ofcourse the yellow desert.

The yellow sandstone reflect the golden light from sun in a beauty way that it looks like a mirage.

The city is located in the western part of India in the heart of the Great Thar Desert sharing its boundary on one side with Pakistan.

Jaisalmer is situated in the arid geography having an average rainfall of about 8 inches annually.

Water scarcity is problem here but locals have managed it very well.

People here experience a wide range diurnal and annual temperature. In winters temperature can range from 10 degree Celsius at night to around 30 degree celsius during the day.

Whereas in summer, temperature can reach upto 50 degrees during the day time and experience mild cold at the night.

you get the picture right?

You all can remember the famous movie of actor Dharmendra : Border

The city holds a population of around 78,000 including those living in the Jaisalmer Fort.

If you ask me, the best time to visit Jaisalmer is between October and March but I recommend visiting in December.

Reaching Jaisalmer is fairly easy

You have several options.

You can take a direct flight. Bus and Train journey are also available.

I advise you to travel here by train.

The long route and scenic beauty, train will take you to many other places before reaching here.

Places to visit near Jaisalmer

You can visit many other places near Jaisalmer.

Jodhpur, Kota, Jaipur, Ajmer, Alwar, Ramdevra, Pokharan etc.

If you are traveling to Jaisalmer by train do visit the Ramdev Pir in Ramdevra village. It is just 10 Km from Pokhran. The Nuclear testing site in India.

Ramdev Pir in Ramdevra is one of the greatest and richest temple in Rajasthan. Famous for Lord Krishna, the village essence will make you fall in love with the place.

Jaisalmer Fort

This is the majestic beauty of Jaisalmer.

Nothing said can actually contemplate the real magnificence of this structure.

For you I can try.

You keep reading.

The Jaisalmer fort was built in 1156 CE by Bhati Ruler, Rawal Jaisal.

It is built on Trikuta hill. The average height of the hill is 250 ft from the ground which makes the fort one of the highest placed fort in the world.

The average height of the outer was is about 30 ft.

The wall structure around the fort consists of 3 walls. The outer, the middle and the inner. They run through a perimeter of around 4 Km.

This is because of the safety and security purpose at the time of external aggression during a war.

Streets of Golden fort in Jaisalmer,
“571-India-Jaisalmer” by Miss Sunalee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

The Jaisalmer fort is also known as Trikuta Garh and Sonar Qila.

Because of its golden yellow color due to yellow sandstone and sun rays falling at the time dawn and dusk walls appear to be shining like gold.

That is why it is known as Sonar Qila.

The Fort houses a population o around 2,000 people who basically live in houses inside the fort and carry their business of shop and hotels for tourist.

The fort is also listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

Other forts of Rajasthan included in the World Heritage Site are  Amber Fort. Chittor Fort, Gagron Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort and Ranthambore Fort.

Main 4 entrances include Hawa Pol, Ganesh Pol, Rang Pol and Jawahar Pol.

All the entrances lead to Dahesra Chowk situated in the middle of the Jaisalmer fort.

The streets are in zig-zag fassion and are full of tourist mainly foreigners.

The Jaisalmer fort is a great for sightseeing.

Housing many shops but one of the main attraction inside the fort is the Maharawal Palace.

Maharawal Mahal was the residence of ruler.

There are 7 Jain temples inside the fort.

One the Jain temple was built by Askaran Chopra of Merta city of Nagaur, Rajasthan. It has more than 600 idols and scriptures.

Jasialmer palace rajasthan, jain temple,
“541-India-Jaisalmer” by Miss Sunalee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

For the worship of Lord Vishnu and goddess Laxmi there is a Laxminath temple inside the Golden Fort.

The Jaisalmer fort or the Golden is also known fort its architecture.

The architecture of the fort is a blend of both Islamic and Rajput culture.

You are going to be surprised to know that the fort was also attacked by the infamous Allaudin khalji.

entrance of Jasialmer fort, golden fort, sonar qila,
“561-India-Jaisalmer” by Miss Sunalee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Jaisalmer Fort Timing and Entry Fees

Jaisalmer golden fort palace night view of street,
“523-India-Jaisalmer” by Miss Sunalee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

The Golden fort is open for tourist from Monday to Sunday

Entry Fee for Indian citizen: Rs. 50

Entry Fee for Foreigners: Rs. 250

Other places to visit in Jaisalmer

  • Desert Safari
  • Bada Bagh
  • The Thar Heritage Museum
  • Gadisar Lake
  • Nathmal-ki-Haveli
  • Jain temples
  • Salim Singh ki Haveli
  • Kuldhara
  • Longewala war memorial
  • Kothari’s Patwaon-ki-Haveli
  • Tanot Mata Mandir
  • Desert National Park


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Sasan Gir National Park and Gir Safari Booking

Sasan Gir National Park And Safari Booking

Sasan Gir National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary, Free roaming lion in gujarat
Courtesy: HOFF, Gov. of Gujarat

Hi, how are you?

If you’re reading this then you must be an animal lover or globetrotter or a student. Whatever
that may be, you might be planning for a visit to the Gir National Park for Gir Lion aka Asiatic Lion
after knowing that it is one of the top attractions in Gujarat, India. 
Also you’ll be quite excited to know that this is the only place where you can see Asiatic lions
via Gir Safari booking in Gujarat.

So let’s get started! 

P.S. I have been there and safari is a must.

My Journey

My journey from Delhi to Sasan Gir started from Old Delhi Railway Station. I was going to the Gir National Park for Lion safari

At the Old Delhi railway station, I boarded Ashram Express (12916) which departed sharp at 3:20 PM and arrived at the Ahmedabad Junction at 8:30 in the morning.

The train journey was pleasurable and despite a delay of 1 hour I reached Gujarat

P.S. I should mention that since Gujarat is a dry state, don’t carry any liquor with you as there is random police checking at Ahmedabad railway station.

From Ahmedabad railway station, my taxi was waiting outside to take me to Sasan Gir.
The road journey was pleasurable but it took me almost 11 hours to reach my destination. 

My stay was booked at Gir Resort which is a lovely resort near the National Park. 
The manager there was friendly and the hospitality was decent enough to remind me to book it again if I visit the place.

I stayed there for the night and in the early morning at 4:30 I went to the tourist reception center of National Park to collect my safari pass.

Sasan Gir Forest

Forest Overview

I will not bore you with too many details so lets come straight to the point.

You also have heard of Sasan Gir and got confused.

Don’t worry, it is just another name for Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Gir National park is situated in a lush dry deciduous area of Gujarat.

It is the place where you must visit if you want to see the only home Asiatic Lion in India in all its rawness along with other wildlife such as crocodiles, rare birds, blue bull, sambhar, or chittal jackal.

Apparently, in 1965 the area consisting of some 1153 sq. km was designated as a sanctuary and some 258 sq. km was declared as a National park  according to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest & Head of the Forest Force, Government of Gujarat.

The Forest supports more than 300 species of birds, 26 species of reptiles and 32 species of mammals which is quite amazing. This diversity along with flora is give the glimpse of wildness and beauty of nature.


By Road: The nearest place to National park is Sasan Gir (13 Km) and Junagadh district (57 Km). It can take upto 2-3 hours to reach Sasan Gir from Junagadh and if you’re coming from Ahmedabad or Rajkot by road then it can take upto 7 hours to reach Sasan Gir.

At Sasan Gir you can find many budget resorts to stay which offer luxurious hospitality. I took this route.

By Train:  Though I didn’t take this route,it is also a good one. Take a local from Junagadh to Sasan Gir. You can also reach Junagadh from Ahmedabad or Rajkot by train.

Nearest Railway Station To Gir Forest:

Junagadh and Veraval are the nearest railway station to Gir Forest.
Both the stations are at almost same distance.
One can reach Junagadh by train from Ahmedabad or Rajkot.

(Interesting Fact: Junagadh was one of the Princely states to join India after Independence. Others were Hyderabad and Kashmir.)

By Air: You can also fly to Rajkot or Ahmedabad and then take the road route to reach Sasan Gir.

Bird Sasan Gir National Park and Wildlife sanctuary
Courtesy: HOFF, Gov. of Gujarat

Gir Safari

There are three types of safari available at the Gir. One is Jungle Trail safari through jeep. Second is Devalia Safari (Gir interpretation zone) through jeep and the same can be done by bus.

The difference between them is that Jungle Trail Safari is conducted in the core area of the national park whereas the Devalia Safari is conducted in the protected area of the park. 

Though both of them are breathtaking, if you want to surely see the Asiatic Lion then I recommend booking Devalia Safari.

Jungle Trail safari is more like jungle safari where you will be seeing a lot of Sambhar Deers, Blue Bull, Monkeys etc.

The Jungle trail & Devalia Jeep Safari is closed from 16 June to 15 October every year whereas Devalia Safari Bus safari is open throughout the year but is closed on every wednesday. 

The best time to visit the Gir Forest is from October to February as it gets very hot in Gujarat at that time. The recommended time is said to be during December month. Even during the December when the whole North India is freezing Gujarat does not experience cold due to the effect of sea. 

Whatever type of safari you choose, I suggest you to book it at the earliest the slots get filled pretty fast and you might not be able to get your prefered dates.

Kamleshwar Dam Lake Sasan Gir National Park and wildlife sanctuary

Sasan Gir Forest Safari Booking

You can book your dates from the given link which will take you to the official site:
Gir Safari Booking

Though the tickets can be booked offline at the tourist reception counter but it is more trouble free to book it online. It also saves time.

The Jungle Trail Safari is 3 hours long and you get to see the Kamleshwar Dam which provides water to the nearby area and harbors many crocodiles.

The lake view is mind-boggling. On the other hand, the Devalia Safari by jeep is of short duration of 1 hour whereas by bus it is of 2 hours.

The Safari Starts at 6:50 early in the morning and at 3 PM in the evening, so you need to reach the reception counter at least an hour before your safari time as it is mostly crowded there.

After booking your slots online, you need to reach the tourist reception center to collect your entry permit by showing booking receipts. 

You will be assigned a jeep for the Safari which will carry a maximum of 7 people including children. Remember to carry a valid photo ID with you as the checking is pretty through.

Gir National Park Safari Booking Fee

Jungle Trail & Devalia Open Jeep Safari

Monday – Friday: Rs. 800 (Indian) and Rs. 5,600 (Foreigner)  
Saturday – Sunday:  Rs. 1000 (Indian) and Rs. 7,000 (Foreigner)
Guide fee of Rs. 400 and Jeep charge of Rs. 1,700 has to be paid separately at the tourist
reception center.

Devalia Bus Safari

Monday – Friday: Rs. 150 (Indian) and Rs. 2,800 (Foriegners)

Saturday – Sunday:  Rs. 190 (Indian) and Rs. 3,500 (Foreigner)

Attractions at Gir National Park


Lion (Asiatic Lion), Leopard (Panthera pardus fusca), Hyena (Hyaena hyaena hyaena),
Chital (Deer) (Axis axis), Sambar (Cervus unicolour), Bule bull (Boselaphus
tragocamelus), Chaushinga (Tetracerus quadricornis), Chinkara (Gszella bennettii),
Wild Boar (Sus scrofa), Crocodile (Crocodylus palustris) , Langur
(Sernnopithecus entellus /Prebytis entellus), Jackal (Canis aureus aureus),
Fox (Vulpes bengalensis), Mongoose (Herpestes edwardsi ferrugineus),
Civets (Viverricula indica indica)

According to Principal Chief Conservator of Forest & Head of the Forest Force,
Government of Gujarat, Asiatic Lion is an extremely intelligent animal which
can live along with humans. This big cat has exceptional social habits and hunting


Malabar whistling thrush, Orange headed ground thrush, Paradise flycatcher, Black naped fly catcher, Indian pitta, Tawny eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, Crested serpent eagle, King vulture, Crested hawk eagle, Painted storks, Pelicans, Peafowl etc.

Nearby Attractions

After completing safari, you can also opt for other sites and go for the Gujarat Tour. Apart from
Sasan Gir, there are many places to have a tour

Somnath temple: The famous somnath temple is just 55 Km away from the Gir National
Park. Somnath temple on the side of Arabian sea is a mesmerising view.

Porbandar: You can also visit Porbandar, the birthplace of Mahatma gandhi.

Ahmedabad: Also known as Manchester of India. You can visit the great Sabarmati Ashram
here which was established by Mahatma Gandhi on the bank of river Sabarmati

Gir Bhimchas: This water reservoir is thought to be made by Mythological character of Bhim from
Mahabharatta for his mother Kunti

Diu: After Gir National Park you can also b which provides many tourist destinations like
forts, clean beaches, and caves


Sasan Gir Forest offers one of the best experiences to interact and look closely at the wildlife ecosystem of one of the richest biodiversity regions of India

Whether you’re visiting for academic purposes, college trip, general traveling or a wildlife enthusiast, this place holds something for everybody.

Apart from spotting the majestic Asiatic Lion or catching glimpse of other animals and birds, this place leaves an enthralling and indelible mark on you.

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How To Do IRCTC Online Ticket Booking and New IRCTC Account Registration

How To  Do IRCTC Online Ticket Booking and New IRCTC Account Registration

In this article, you will learn about IRCTC online booking and how to do IRCTC online ticket bookings. You will also learn mobile train ticket booking and about online railway reservation through IRCTC E-ticket.

Online Train Booking

Train journeys are the most excited and memorable ones. They are cheap and good for anyone, a group or a solo trip. Online railway reservation has made it easy for travelers to book IRCTC E-ticket with many different options to choose from. IRCTC online booking serves as a hassle-free option and users can book tickets from anywhere in minutes without ever going to the railway station and circumvent those long queues.

IRCTC New Account Registration Online

The first step to online train ticket booking is to register yourself at the IRCTC website. For that, you need to go to the official site of IRCTC and you can various options for your convenience. You can either search for a train directly and log in to your account for online train booking.

If you don’t have an account, you can start by registering yourself. On the top of the page, you can find the option to register yourself. Click on register and you will be directed to the individual registration page.

Enter the user name, password and other required details correctly. Make sure to provide an active phone number which is available with you.

After entering the details, select register at the bottom of the page. Click Ok on the confirmation.
Next, you will be taken to the homepage of IRCTC and here you need to login to verify your phone number and e-mail address. Enter your user name, password and sign in.

Following the above step, verify your phone number and e-mail address after which you will be taken to the home page to log in again.

This completes your registration process.

IRCTC Online Ticket Booking

Following the completion of the registration process, visit the home page of IRCTC and login with your username and password. After successful login, you will find a box saying the left side of the page you can search for the train.

In the box, enter the station from where you want to start and end the journey. Select the date and choose the class (sleeper, AC 2 tier, or 3 tier) of the train you want to travel in and select the option “flexible with dates” to view trains running on other dates and click on find train. Succeeding this, you will be taken to another page. Here, you can find many options for your search. You can modify the search details, refine your results by choosing class, train type, different boarding stations and many more.

At the available trains will be displayed on your journey. Check the class and availability of the train which fits in your schedule and. You can also choose options to book under tatkal or general quota. After choosing the available train, select the “book” option to proceed to enter passenger details.

Here you can choose the preferred coach and opt for Travel insurance. Select the payment mode which can either through BHIM/UPI or through credit/debit card, internet banking, wallets, and pay on delivery.

In the last step, make the payment through the desired method to complete the process. A mail and an SMS will be sent to you confirming the ticket along with PNR number. You can use the PNR number to check the status of your booking.
You can relax now your ticket is now booked and you can go pack your bags and book hotels.

IRCTC E-Ticket

You can also download, print, change the boarding station, or cancel your ticket from the IRCTC website. The point should be noted here is that E-tickets can only be canceled through IRCTC website not over the counter at the railway station.

To look for the above options, log in to your account at the IRCTC site and click on My Account. In the Profile section you can update your profile and change the password.

To look for the options related to your tickets go to My Transactions under My Account. Select booked ticket history and click on your ticket. At the bottom you can find options to cancel, change boarding point, PNR status or print E-ticket. To download your ticket click on print E-ticket.

Hope you find answers to your query.

Precautionary Measures For Coronavirus

Hi everyone,

The pandemic Coronavirus out there, though we know how much you love to travel. But it is necessary to follow guidelines by your respective government and knockout this outbreak.
We suggest you any avoid unnecessary travel and trips and take precautionary measures coronavirus. We might find ourselves under the impression that we are invincible and it cannot happen to but why give it any chance.
If you have to travel for an important purpose do make sure you get all the information from your travel agent and keep the government helplines handy and not hesitate to ask any doubt.
blue, abstract, fiber,sheet, design, paint, art


We consider it our duty to remind you of the safety precautions to adopt in this pandemic COVID-19 situation.
Follow the guidelines issued by your state wherever you are and make you sanitize your hand as often as possible.
As of now, no proper vaccine has been developed but we hope that our scientists and doctors find the same very soon.

General Precautions from Coronavirus:

  • Restrain from unnecessary traveling 
  • Self quarantine your self at home
  • Avoid crowded places like cinemas, gym, parties, restaurants, etc.
  • Regular handwashing,
  • Covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing,
  •  Thoroughly cooking meat and eggs.
  •  Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.
  • Visit the nearest medical hospital if you develop symptoms similar to that #Coronavirus- 

§  Respiratory symptoms

§   Fever

§  Cough
§  Shortness of breath
§  Breathing difficulties

Below are links to government helplines for support and enquiry:

These are some of the general information and precautionary measure to adopt. 
We wish you to stay safe and healthy so that you can start exploring beautiful places in the world soon.
If you have any query related, please contact us

29 Awesome thing to add in your international travel checklist

29 Awesome Thing To Add In Your International Travel Checklist

Gir national park, safari, jeep, friends, lake, off-road, India

After making all those searches and booking of tickets and hotels one of the other things that are necessary is to pack things in an organized way in the backpack which will help make traveling pleasurable. So here are 29 awesome thing to add in your international travel checklist.

The excitement while booking tickets for the place you wanted to travel since long or the excitement to pack things in your backpack for that week-long trip to the mountain or beaches or just imagining the thing you would do while on the trip is sufficient enough to make you happy and increase that dopamine count in your body.

It’s no secret that traveling once a while is the best way to reboot your body and soul. The ever-refreshing aura of the new place you are visiting or the thrill to explore the unknown place with your friends or family help you to rest your mind form the hectic schedule of your normal work life.

Mughals, redfort, new delhi, india, akbar, shah jahan, taj mahal

   1)      First thing first, a backpack

Backpack, brown boots, mountain,landscape,tavel

Before starting to pack you must start by checking the condition of your backpack. Look if it needs any repair or you need to buy a new one. In the first case, you should check the zippers, handles, look for torn pockets or straps. You can get them to fix easily fixed at a nearby shop if you need it. On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy a new one, you go for a location-specific backpack or a one that you can take anywhere. You can choose from a strolley with four wheels or a rucksack with enough space for your things.

Preferably if you’re planning to go for trekking or hiking you can choose from a range of rucksack bags that you can carry on your back. But if your traveling doesn’t include the above you can go for a duffle bag or a strolley.

   2)      Proper footwear

brown shoes, travel, bag leather bag,person with a bag

You must have heard that footwears form one of the most important parts of our attire and packing some comfortable footwear is important. They can range from slippers, sandals, running shoes, bellies or heels to trekking and hiking shoes.

Whatever you pack, it must be comfortable let alone stylish. You can pack them according to your trip. If you’re going to beaches you can carry slipper or sandals, if you’re going for trekking or hiking to mountains you can trekking or running shoes that are comfortable for a long duration. On the other hand, you can pack a pair of good sneakers of bellies if you’re visiting for site seeing.

   3)      Sunglasses and an extra pair of glasses


Other than enhancing your photographs sunglasses would protect your eyes from dust and bright sun. A good pair of sunglasses will add to your style statement. You can choose from 1000s of frames and lenses but you must take note of the quality of lenses.
You can get a UV protection lense and a dust or scratch-proof lens which is more durable. Apart from that, you can choose a frame contrasting with the face structure that will go contrast to your faces and will look good on you.
If you wear power glasses you must carry an extra pair of power so that if one gets damaged then you can use the spare one for the trip and your trip will not go to the soil.

   4)      Undergarments and clothes

women,clothes,under garments,travel

Pack enough undergarments for your trip. You might not be getting a chance to wash them so carry at least 4-5 pairs of undergarments, handkerchiefs, and socks.
Apart from that start packing your clothes a day or two before so that if you need anything you can get them from the market in time. Plus if you leave something behind you will have enough time that you remember.

   5)      Water bottle

Water bottle,Elephant, sunglass,titan, Sleep mask

Always remember to carry a water bottle with you. It solves many problems viz. you would not be using single-use plastics thus doing green good deeds, saving money from buying packaged drinking water as you can refill your bottle at a water cooler. 
The size of the bottle should also be kept in mind, you don’t want to carry a bottle so small that it will last for a few sips but also not a big that makes it difficult to carry. If you’ve to buy packaged drinking water try to reuse the bottle instead of throwing it in dustbins.

   6)      Cash

Rupee,dollar,500,grey pen,travel
Though the use of plastic money (Debit or Credit Card) has reached almost all around the globe it is always wise to carry enough cash for an urgent or necessary requirement. If you’re going to some other country get your currency exchanged from the bank. 
You can also divide the cash and keep some in your luggage and some in your wallet. It also saves you from spending on unnecessary items *wink*.

   7)      Camera

DSLR,camera,travel, black,design

If you’re not one of those who rely on mobile phones for photography then you must pack your camera in the backpack. Check the camera if it needs any repair and clean the memory to have space for the trip. You can also buy an extra memory card for the trip as you don’t want to leave yourself high and dry in a situation where you in beautiful landscapes but do not have enough space in the camera. There are many good options also if you want to buy a decent camera at a reasonable price.

   8)      IDs


Keep your IDs handy in a separate compartment in the backpack so that they are easily accessible when asked for. You can also keep photocopies of your IDs you can save their photo on your phone. Missing them behind is the situation you do not want while traveling and it becomes all the more important if you are traveling in another country.

   9)      Tickets

Man with bag,ticket,train,irctc

Though it is silly to mention it as it is the most crucial thing. But we have to include here because we can make the mistake of forgetting them. Save them on your phone or keep a hard copy for the same.

   10)   Medicines


Take a small zip lock bags and keep all your necessary medicine which you might need. A standard small first-aid is a must with common medicines for headache, vomit or stomach ache.
The thing we are trying to emphasize here is to be organized for and remind you of these little things that one often forgets to pack in their backpack while they traveling.

   11)   Headphones

Beats audio,JBL,headphones,earphones,bluetooth,wireless
Music while traveling can make your journey very pleasant and you can never go wrong with a comfortable set of headphones or earphones so that you can use them for a long duration.
If they are wireless, make sure that they are fully charged and working. This can help you to enjoy your journey without disturbing others.

   12)   Books

Book,bill gates,Old man and sea-, enest hemmingway,factfullnes,travel

Reading a book while traveling can be a good way to spend time. Therefore carry a book you wanted to start reading or a one you have to finish.
This will also make you more productive. Apart from traveling, you can take a book for reading on the beach or among the mountains with a great view in front will make your experience more pleasant.

   13)   Bath products


Remember to carry the soap, shampoo, and your other bath products along with you. You might get one in the hotel but if you’re planning to go trekking or camping as you will not get them in the wild.

   14)   Map

map,delhi,pacific ocean,travel, atlantic, arctic, sea, geography

If you want you can also carry a hard copy of the map of the place you’re going to trekking or camping. As internet service might be an issue in the wild a map can be useful if you know how to read a map and figure out directions.

   15)   Hotel booking receipts


Carry a hard copy of hotel bookings with you to keep yourself from any hassle at the time of check-in. Get them printed in advance and keep them handy.

   16)   Passport

India,travel,country,bag,camera,flight,passport,global, diplomats,

If you’re going to travel to another country then keep your passport and visa or other documents in the backpack in advance to prevent any chance of forgetting them. You don’t want to arrive at the airport or railway station without your passport and travel documents at the last minute.

   17)   Toothpaste and toothbrush

Toothbrush,toothpaste,sensodyne,hand sanitizer,Detol, handwash,hygiene

Taking care of personal hygiene is all the more important while traveling. You might find toothbrush or toothpaste at the hotel but it is okay to carry your own. Apart from you can pack a hand sanitizer for the journey to keep your hygiene in check.

   18)   Eatables


Carry a few fruits and other eatables while traveling with yourself can save you some money which otherwise you would spend on buying during the journey. You can carry fruits and dry fruits which you can anywhere.

   19)   Laptop

Laptop,Hp,Notebook, computer, machines, Artifical intelligence

If your job requires you to work at any time you can also pack your laptop with charger with you. This will save you time as you would not need to look for a nearby internet café or using the one at the hotel.

   20)   Flashlight


Though it might look useless as every smartphone has one but carrying a small flashlight will not do any harm. While trekking or camping at night you may find yourself in the need of a flashlight.

   21)   Zipper Bag

Zipper bag,travel,pouch,carrying things,organiser

Carrying a zipper bag can be very useful. You can keep your wet clothes in it and avoid ruining other clothes. Carrying one from home or using plastic from packaging will also help you reuse plastics.
It can also be used to keep electronic items safe.

   22)   TV Content

netflix,primevideo,youtube,travel,smartphone, streaming

Taking your favorite sitcom or TV serial on your phone so that you watch it on your smartphone will help you pass time while traveling and you might not even realize when did you reach your destination.
You can watch your favourite movie with your loved one at night under the stars while camping or on the beach. But if you have a big internet plan you can always count on streaming sites like Netflix or Primevideo with the added feature of downloading the content.

   23)   Sunscreen

sunscreen,beaches,travel,skin care,beauti, facewash, cleanser

Having a good quality sunscreen can protect from sunburn in summer and will keep your skin from getting tan on a bright sunny day. You can use it on the beach or at a high altitude mountain. SPF above 25 or 30 is good enough to do the job.

   24)   Mosquito repellent

Dengue,malaria, flies,mosquitoes,repellent,disease,travel

You can pack mosquito repellent spray or cream and save yourself from harmful mosquitos. Many diseases like dengue or malaria are spread by mosquitoes. It becomes all the more important when you’re going for trekking in wild or traveling to a country where mosquito-borne diseases are prevalent.

   25)   Wristwatch

smartwatch,watch,wrist,travel,IOT,internet of things, brown watch

A wristwatch can do two things at the same time. First, it can be an addition to your style statement. Second, it can be useful as many smartwatches are available in the market and can do many functions like playing music, maps, attending calls, or displaying messages.

   26)   Glue

glue, stick,fecivol,Travel, paste
It might be weird to pack a small glue stick in your backpack while traveling but you will be amazed how useful it would be when you required one.
Broken specs, or headphones or anything it can be a quick fix at the time of need until you find a shop to get things repaired.

   27)   Sling bag

Bag,sling bag,travel,leather,udaipur, brown bag
Slingbags or waist bags can be very useful to keep things like cash, IDs, smartphones or travel documents handy. With a sling bag, you can save yourself of the trouble of opening your luggage bag to take out things you which are required from time to time.

   28)       Rain cover for backpack

Blue rain cover, water proof, bag cover, travel, backpack,rain

Having a rain cover for your backpack or rucksack bag would be very useful. Though not always useful you will be very happy if you find one when you need it.

Apart from its use in the rain, it can also be used to keep your wet your wet clothes separate from dry ones or keeping your electronic item safe in rain or while going to the beach. You can also pack a small handy umbrella too for yourself.

   29)      Sleep mask

Travel,sleep mask,gel, train,flight, green, brown bear, toy

A sleep mask can be useful in your trip that includes traveling far distant places. On-road or train journey or a flight, you can put it on and sleep like a baby. 
Also buying a sleep mask that comes with a gel can be perfect for the sore eyes at the end of the day.
Traveling done in any way can find a place in your memory lane for a lifetime but it will be enjoyable one if you’ve your things organized. The most important thing is to stay safe and aware of your surroundings. You will always gather a different experience while traveling such as meeting new people from different cultures. And by organizing your backpack for travel you will make your journey and tour more pleasurable.
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