Sasan Gir National Park and Gir Safari Booking

Sasan Gir National Park And Safari Booking

Sasan Gir National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary, Free roaming lion in gujarat
Courtesy: HOFF, Gov. of Gujarat

Hi, how are you?

If you’re reading this then you must be an animal lover or globetrotter or a student. Whatever
that may be, you might be planning for a visit to the Gir National Park for Gir Lion aka Asiatic Lion
after knowing that it is one of the top attractions in Gujarat, India. 
Also you’ll be quite excited to know that this is the only place where you can see Asiatic lions
via Gir Safari booking in Gujarat.

So let’s get started! 

P.S. I have been there and safari is a must.

My Journey

My journey from Delhi to Sasan Gir started from Old Delhi Railway Station. I was going to the Gir National Park for Lion safari

At the Old Delhi railway station, I boarded Ashram Express (12916) which departed sharp at 3:20 PM and arrived at the Ahmedabad Junction at 8:30 in the morning.

The train journey was pleasurable and despite a delay of 1 hour I reached Gujarat

P.S. I should mention that since Gujarat is a dry state, don’t carry any liquor with you as there is random police checking at Ahmedabad railway station.

From Ahmedabad railway station, my taxi was waiting outside to take me to Sasan Gir.
The road journey was pleasurable but it took me almost 11 hours to reach my destination. 

My stay was booked at Gir Resort which is a lovely resort near the National Park. 
The manager there was friendly and the hospitality was decent enough to remind me to book it again if I visit the place.

I stayed there for the night and in the early morning at 4:30 I went to the tourist reception center of National Park to collect my safari pass.

Sasan Gir Forest

Forest Overview

I will not bore you with too many details so lets come straight to the point.

You also have heard of Sasan Gir and got confused.

Don’t worry, it is just another name for Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Gir National park is situated in a lush dry deciduous area of Gujarat.

It is the place where you must visit if you want to see the only home Asiatic Lion in India in all its rawness along with other wildlife such as crocodiles, rare birds, blue bull, sambhar, or chittal jackal.

Apparently, in 1965 the area consisting of some 1153 sq. km was designated as a sanctuary and some 258 sq. km was declared as a National park  according to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest & Head of the Forest Force, Government of Gujarat.

The Forest supports more than 300 species of birds, 26 species of reptiles and 32 species of mammals which is quite amazing. This diversity along with flora is give the glimpse of wildness and beauty of nature.


By Road: The nearest place to National park is Sasan Gir (13 Km) and Junagadh district (57 Km). It can take upto 2-3 hours to reach Sasan Gir from Junagadh and if you’re coming from Ahmedabad or Rajkot by road then it can take upto 7 hours to reach Sasan Gir.

At Sasan Gir you can find many budget resorts to stay which offer luxurious hospitality. I took this route.

By Train:  Though I didn’t take this route,it is also a good one. Take a local from Junagadh to Sasan Gir. You can also reach Junagadh from Ahmedabad or Rajkot by train.

Nearest Railway Station To Gir Forest:

Junagadh and Veraval are the nearest railway station to Gir Forest.
Both the stations are at almost same distance.
One can reach Junagadh by train from Ahmedabad or Rajkot.

(Interesting Fact: Junagadh was one of the Princely states to join India after Independence. Others were Hyderabad and Kashmir.)

By Air: You can also fly to Rajkot or Ahmedabad and then take the road route to reach Sasan Gir.

Bird Sasan Gir National Park and Wildlife sanctuary
Courtesy: HOFF, Gov. of Gujarat

Gir Safari

There are three types of safari available at the Gir. One is Jungle Trail safari through jeep. Second is Devalia Safari (Gir interpretation zone) through jeep and the same can be done by bus.

The difference between them is that Jungle Trail Safari is conducted in the core area of the national park whereas the Devalia Safari is conducted in the protected area of the park. 

Though both of them are breathtaking, if you want to surely see the Asiatic Lion then I recommend booking Devalia Safari.

Jungle Trail safari is more like jungle safari where you will be seeing a lot of Sambhar Deers, Blue Bull, Monkeys etc.

The Jungle trail & Devalia Jeep Safari is closed from 16 June to 15 October every year whereas Devalia Safari Bus safari is open throughout the year but is closed on every wednesday. 

The best time to visit the Gir Forest is from October to February as it gets very hot in Gujarat at that time. The recommended time is said to be during December month. Even during the December when the whole North India is freezing Gujarat does not experience cold due to the effect of sea. 

Whatever type of safari you choose, I suggest you to book it at the earliest the slots get filled pretty fast and you might not be able to get your prefered dates.

Kamleshwar Dam Lake Sasan Gir National Park and wildlife sanctuary

Sasan Gir Forest Safari Booking

You can book your dates from the given link which will take you to the official site:
Gir Safari Booking

Though the tickets can be booked offline at the tourist reception counter but it is more trouble free to book it online. It also saves time.

The Jungle Trail Safari is 3 hours long and you get to see the Kamleshwar Dam which provides water to the nearby area and harbors many crocodiles.

The lake view is mind-boggling. On the other hand, the Devalia Safari by jeep is of short duration of 1 hour whereas by bus it is of 2 hours.

The Safari Starts at 6:50 early in the morning and at 3 PM in the evening, so you need to reach the reception counter at least an hour before your safari time as it is mostly crowded there.

After booking your slots online, you need to reach the tourist reception center to collect your entry permit by showing booking receipts. 

You will be assigned a jeep for the Safari which will carry a maximum of 7 people including children. Remember to carry a valid photo ID with you as the checking is pretty through.

Gir National Park Safari Booking Fee

Jungle Trail & Devalia Open Jeep Safari

Monday – Friday: Rs. 800 (Indian) and Rs. 5,600 (Foreigner)  
Saturday – Sunday:  Rs. 1000 (Indian) and Rs. 7,000 (Foreigner)
Guide fee of Rs. 400 and Jeep charge of Rs. 1,700 has to be paid separately at the tourist
reception center.

Devalia Bus Safari

Monday – Friday: Rs. 150 (Indian) and Rs. 2,800 (Foriegners)

Saturday – Sunday:  Rs. 190 (Indian) and Rs. 3,500 (Foreigner)

Attractions at Gir National Park


Lion (Asiatic Lion), Leopard (Panthera pardus fusca), Hyena (Hyaena hyaena hyaena),
Chital (Deer) (Axis axis), Sambar (Cervus unicolour), Bule bull (Boselaphus
tragocamelus), Chaushinga (Tetracerus quadricornis), Chinkara (Gszella bennettii),
Wild Boar (Sus scrofa), Crocodile (Crocodylus palustris) , Langur
(Sernnopithecus entellus /Prebytis entellus), Jackal (Canis aureus aureus),
Fox (Vulpes bengalensis), Mongoose (Herpestes edwardsi ferrugineus),
Civets (Viverricula indica indica)

According to Principal Chief Conservator of Forest & Head of the Forest Force,
Government of Gujarat, Asiatic Lion is an extremely intelligent animal which
can live along with humans. This big cat has exceptional social habits and hunting


Malabar whistling thrush, Orange headed ground thrush, Paradise flycatcher, Black naped fly catcher, Indian pitta, Tawny eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, Crested serpent eagle, King vulture, Crested hawk eagle, Painted storks, Pelicans, Peafowl etc.

Nearby Attractions

After completing safari, you can also opt for other sites and go for the Gujarat Tour. Apart from
Sasan Gir, there are many places to have a tour

Somnath temple: The famous somnath temple is just 55 Km away from the Gir National
Park. Somnath temple on the side of Arabian sea is a mesmerising view.

Porbandar: You can also visit Porbandar, the birthplace of Mahatma gandhi.

Ahmedabad: Also known as Manchester of India. You can visit the great Sabarmati Ashram
here which was established by Mahatma Gandhi on the bank of river Sabarmati

Gir Bhimchas: This water reservoir is thought to be made by Mythological character of Bhim from
Mahabharatta for his mother Kunti

Diu: After Gir National Park you can also b which provides many tourist destinations like
forts, clean beaches, and caves


Sasan Gir Forest offers one of the best experiences to interact and look closely at the wildlife ecosystem of one of the richest biodiversity regions of India

Whether you’re visiting for academic purposes, college trip, general traveling or a wildlife enthusiast, this place holds something for everybody.

Apart from spotting the majestic Asiatic Lion or catching glimpse of other animals and birds, this place leaves an enthralling and indelible mark on you.

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Precautionary Measures For Coronavirus

Hi everyone,

The pandemic Coronavirus out there, though we know how much you love to travel. But it is necessary to follow guidelines by your respective government and knockout this outbreak.
We suggest you any avoid unnecessary travel and trips and take precautionary measures coronavirus. We might find ourselves under the impression that we are invincible and it cannot happen to but why give it any chance.
If you have to travel for an important purpose do make sure you get all the information from your travel agent and keep the government helplines handy and not hesitate to ask any doubt.
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We consider it our duty to remind you of the safety precautions to adopt in this pandemic COVID-19 situation.
Follow the guidelines issued by your state wherever you are and make you sanitize your hand as often as possible.
As of now, no proper vaccine has been developed but we hope that our scientists and doctors find the same very soon.

General Precautions from Coronavirus:

  • Restrain from unnecessary traveling 
  • Self quarantine your self at home
  • Avoid crowded places like cinemas, gym, parties, restaurants, etc.
  • Regular handwashing,
  • Covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing,
  •  Thoroughly cooking meat and eggs.
  •  Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.
  • Visit the nearest medical hospital if you develop symptoms similar to that #Coronavirus- 

§  Respiratory symptoms

§   Fever

§  Cough
§  Shortness of breath
§  Breathing difficulties

Below are links to government helplines for support and enquiry:

These are some of the general information and precautionary measure to adopt. 
We wish you to stay safe and healthy so that you can start exploring beautiful places in the world soon.
If you have any query related, please contact us